Performances of "In Other Words" took place during May 2023 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the South West Women’s Protest - when more than 400 women joined hands across the Tamar Bridge on May 24th 1983 in a protest against nuclear weapons.


We called it “In Other Words” to recognise the pivotal role played by the alternative bookshop of that name in Mutley and to give voice to those many committed men and women who managed to find the time, amidst work and family, to put another point of view in a military city during those Cold War years. Although based around three fictional women, the play owed much to all the interviews we conducted with those willing to talk to us about their memories.


We performed “In Other Words” in 10 venues, including The Quaker House, who provided us with free rehearsal space, Med Theatre in Mortenhampstead and and a venue in Tavistock. It was heartening to receive the positive feedback, especially from those whose stories we had woven into the work.

Caroline Howard recorded music for us, as well as creating the ‘Dove’ banner. The other amazing banner of the figures holding hands was made by Lu Firth.




This project dealt with the current homeless/housing crisis - 60 years on from ‘Cathy Come Home’ written by Jeremy Sandford during November1963.

We are indebted to those inspirational people who have talked to us from the Soup Run, Plymouth Access to Housing, Shekinah, and The Big Issue.


“IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS” was inspired by some of the stories we have been told about, and by, those who find themselves without a basic human right- a safe, secure and affordable place to call ‘home’.

The play was based on careful research and interviews.The 5 characters may be fictional, but their situations were not. 

This year (2023), the number of people sleeping rough in Plymouth has increased by 15%. The play aimed to recognise the work of charities and organisations working in our city under the ‘Alliance’ to render homelessness a rare, quickly solved, and unrepeatable state.

The play was performed at 11 venues across Plymouth and Saltash during

November and December 2023 and we are pleased to announce that we raised

more than £1000 for charities working with the homeless and vulnerable in Plymouth.


“The Streets of Plymouth”, which is used in the performance, was created and performed by Caroline Howard and Geoff Preece. It was inspired by Ralph McTell’s 1969 ballad “The Streets of London.”


The backdrop was created by Mary Toon and Anna Christie.

On 6th June at Mutley Baptist Church at 7.30 pm we recreated a one-off performance of  our very successful play about homelessness in Plymouth -‘IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS’ - for the volunteers of Chester nightly SOUP RUN.




The exhibition at THE TALK SHOP chronicled the development of the group since its start in 2020.


It included a display of working scripts, rehearsal and performance photographs, research materials, flyers and posters, banner and backdrops, film excerpts and music created by local musicians for the various performances.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Opening Night of Script-in-Hand’s exhibition at The Talk Shop on Tuesday 16th January. The exhibition runs until Saturday 27th January and we will be at The Talk Shop on Friday 26th January 11am -1pm if anybody still wants to pop in.


In March 2024 Script-In-Hand joined forces with Plymouth Proprietary Library's Writers' Group to create a performance for International Women's Day

Script-In-Hand Theatre

In collaboration with Plymouth Proprietary

Library’s Writers’ Group


"Even More About Eve"


A free performance by Script-In-Hand Theatre of original work by local writers,

exploring and celebrating life from the female perspective.

Thanks to the 4 venues that hosted our performances we raised more than £155 for TREVI.


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