On 6th June at Mutley Baptist Church at 7.30 pm we will be revising a one-off performance of  our very successful play about homelessness in Plymouth -‘IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS’ - for the volunteers of Chester nightly SOUP RUN.


Meanwhile we are working on two new projects: a modern and local adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s short story “The Withered Arm” which we will start rehearsing in July for a mid August series of local performances. The focus of Hardy’s story is the mistreatment by a powerful male figure of a girl in his employment and her uncanny revenge.


Later in the year, during November, we will be working on a series of short plays and monologues by local writers about city life, both past, present, future, positive and negative called “GIVE BACK” the theme being about community and neighbourhood support. This idea was prompted by a short play written by Ruby Nation based on an horrific murder of a young woman that took place whilst her neighbours struggled with how to react and who to alert- resulting in the implementation of a neighbourhood watch scheme.

If you are interested in being involved in either or both of these projects, please let us know.