After the success of "1941 Resurgam" we decided to create Script-in-Hand Theatre.


Having been involved in educational and community theatre/drama for many decades, what is important and challenging for us is to create performances that give voice to the marginalised and voiceless whilst still sharing with our audiences, an important, relevant story in a simple but effective way. 


As an ensemble we work collaboratively on original material and always script in hand.


We use little or no props and costumes, relying on the power of the spoken word to communicate our narrative and message.


Our first Plymouth based original play for the community took place in September 2021 and told the story of a fictional local family’s experience of one of the worst nights of the bombing of the city during April 1941. It was inspired by verbatim accounts and was called “1941 Resurgam”. 


We performed this script in hand at St Paul’s Church, Stonehouse, Stoke Damerel Church, the Unitarian Church and Manor Gardens. It was made possible, immediately after the relaxing of the COVID restrictions, by the Tamaritans Theatre Company who provided eight performers and a musician as well as rehearsal space and much encouragement and support!