Our second play was based on the infamous murder of Charlotte Dymond on Bodmin Moor in 1843 and the subsequent execution (despite the lack of any clear evidence) of her crippled lover, Matthew Weekes, a somewhat marginalised young man. Again, we grounded this in Plymouth and ‘real’ characters.

“This Story of Ours” was set a year later and is retold through the eyes of Matthew’s older sister, who was living in Plymouth; she refuses to believe that her young brother could have committed such a crime. She returns to the farmhouse on Bodmin Moor where the young lovers both worked to confront two of the key prosecution witnesses.

Our four performers, who had all previously worked with TRP’s People’s Company, took on the roles of the sister, her husband, Mrs Peter and Isaac Corey in exploring the question of how well we can ever know another person. We performed the play during September 2022 at Plymouth Central Library, Stoke Damerel Church, St Paul’s Church, Stonehouse, the Unitarian Church and Saltash Community Kitchen, inviting these venues to raise money for a charity of their choice.


Our next project was “Everyman Recycled” inspired by the Medieval Morality Play ‘Everyman’. It took as its theme the Climate Crisis. Using rhyming couplets and satirical exchanges, our "Every Person" was sent on a journey to explain to Mother Nature how s/he was trying to make amends for such selfish, greedy stewardship of Planet Earth. Family, Friends, Big Business, Politicians, Extinction Rebellion and Friends of the Earth all had plenty of advice to offer! The overall message of the play was, as Greta Thunberg said, "no one is too small to make a difference." We were indebted to the Community Climate Change Hub (then situated in the ‘old’ Waterstones) for free rehearsal space and we toured this during November 2022 to our usual venues, plus GROW, the then new gallery/studios off Drake’s Circus, and the Plymouth Proprietary Library in Barnabas Terrace.


Our next performance was a little different - not being written by us - it was our adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s “The Star Child” which we performed at the Plot, Stoke Damerel Church and Saltash Library during February Half Term, 2023. Although originally written for children, its themes of how we treat nature, animal life and our fellow human beings were all so relevant for us. This time we were lucky enough to have Caroline Howard with us on the flute with some haunting music which she had created.